Life at AH
Life at Armory House
Armory House friendly and welcoming community is where you meet new friends and grow academically and socially.  


The U of I is a large university but you can get connected through Armory House social activities, where you can make new friends, and by introducing you to valuable resources on campus and in the community.  For example:

Academic Life: Armory House offers our residents a nice and comfortable living environment. Quiet Hours in the evening through the morning allow students to focus on their school work. Study lounge and floor lounges are popular hang-out spots because high-speed Internet and wi-fi are available throughout the building. During the final week, AH chefs prepare healthy snacks to help replenish your much-needed energy.

Social Life: Our Resident Advisors plan a variety of social activities each month from Open Door Night, bowling at the Union, to movie, game, or crafts nights at Armory House. There is always an opportunity to have fun with fellow residents and to take a break from your studies. 

Wellness Programs: Each year Armory House sponsors a variety of activities based on the interest of our residents. Ice Skating at the Ice Arena, plant propagation, to rock climbing at the ARC are just a few of our favorites.  And, with Washington Park out your back door, impromptu games of Frisbee and sand volleyball can always be enjoyed.  

Volunteer Opportunities: Many of our residents like to volunteer their time in campus and community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, When We All Vote, League of Women Voters, etc.  At Armory House we support their efforts and we can help you get connected with these and other volunteer opportunities. 





Academic and Cross-Cultural Activities
Academic and Cross-Cultural Activities
Social and Volunteer Activities
Social and Volunteer Activities

Cross-cultural skills: Did you know that cross-cultural skills are increasingly seen as important for both U.S. and International students for their success in college as well as in their future careers?

A new study by researchers at Duke University shows that close peer interaction between International and domestic (U.S.) students and the development of international friendships:

  • “Had substantial, uniformly positive effects on all college outcome variables (ie: general education, personal development, science and technology, intellectual development).”
  • “Serves as a valuable source of social, cultural, political, and economic knowledge when students enter the workforce.”
  • “Can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace in an increasingly interconnected, globalized world.”

Armory House offers you opportunities to develop cross-cultural skills as you make Friends From Around the World through:

  • Social Activities that help you get you connected and encourage the formation of a close-knit community
  • Sharing of Cultural Experiences (music, food, sports, crafts, attending cultural events)