Below is a list of frequently asked questions from parents just like you.  

As you prepare to enter the next big milestone called college, we hope you will find the following information helpful. Here at Armory House, our goal is to make the transition from home to college as smooth as possible. To assist in that transition, we have provided a list of questions frequently asked by students just like you.   

Where is Armory House located on campus?

– Armory House is located on the corner of Armory and 2nd St. and is just one block north of Ikenberry Commons.  Armory House is 3 blocks from the ARC and the Stadium, 3 blocks from Green St., and 4 blocks from the Quad. 

What types of rooms are offered?

– Armory House Main offers single, double, and deluxe double rooms. Armory House Suites offers singles, corner singles, and suites double rooms.

How many people live in Armory House?

– Armory House is approved by the University to house 112 students in two adjoining buildings, Armory House Main and Armory House Suites. 

Is housekeeping provided?

– Armory House residents receive weekly cleaning of the shared bathrooms. Individual rooms are the responsibility of the student. Cleaning supplies are available for student use (must leave photo id to borrow supplies). All common areas of AH Main and AH Suites receive daily cleaning to ensure your comfort. 

Am I required to have a meal plan?

– Yes, meal plans are required and are factored into the cost of living at Armory House. Currently, 10, 14, or 19 meals per week are offered. 

Am I only allowed to eat at Armory House?

– No. Residents of Armory House may eat at Armory House or Hendrick House.  (Armory House reserves the right to make changes to the alternate dining locations as necessary.)

Does Armory House have a laundry room? 

– Yes. Armory House Main has a laundry facility on the first floor for all residents to use. Armory House Suites have laundry rooms available on the first and second floors for resident use. The cost of laundry is included in the annual fee.

Is a kitchen available for student use?

– AH Suites offers residents two student kitchens (floors 3 and 5) for personal cooking, complete with an oven/stove, refrigerator, and microwave. AH Main offers a student kitchen on the fist floor, complete with oven/stove, refrigerator, and microwave.    

Please keep in mind that all personal cooking appliances and utensils must be kept in your room when not in use. All personal food items placed in the refrigerator or freezer must be clearly marked with your name and date and be properly stored for no more than one week. (For further information about usage of the student kitchens, please refer to the resident handbook.) 

What are the rates for the different rooms?

– Rates vary depending on the room style and meal plan chosen. For a complete list of room rates, click on “Rates and Availability”. 

What is needed to reserve a room?

– In order to reserve a room, you must complete the online application, make the $250 application payment, and sign the lease. The contract will be considered fully executed once all parties have signed the contract. Processing time may take anywhere from 5-7 business days during peak rental times.      

What types of leases are available?

– Rooms at Armory House are rented on an academic year basis. Semester leases are available only if two students register at the same time, one for each semester, or for those filling a vacancy for Spring semester. Summer housing options are available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact the Armory House office for more information.  

What furniture is included with the room?

– All AH Main rooms are furnished with TechlineTM furniture, including desk with hutch, small three drawer chest, and a desk chair. AH Main rooms also have adjustable XL twin size beds. 

– All AH Suites rooms are furnished with TechlineTM desks, desk chairs and a free standing closet organizer. AH Suites rooms also feature full size beds (full size bunk beds in Suites doubles) and a spacious alcove area with small sink, shelving and a drawer.  

Can I request a roommate?

– Yes. As long as both roommates let us know, we guarantee all roommate requests as long as availability allows.

Do I need to move out during Fall, Winter, or Spring breaks?

– No, you are allowed to keep your items at Armory House during break periods. With approval of Management, residents of AH Main and AH Suites are allowed to remain in their room during break periods. Meals will not be served during these periods, and an additional Break Housing contract and fee may be required. Other services such as housekeeping will be reduced and hours for common use spaces may be limited. 

If I have already signed up for university housing, can I change to Armory House? 

– Yes, but deadlines do apply. For additional information about the reciprocal agreement, contact the Armory House office at info@armoryhouse.com.

If I have already signed up for university housing, can I change to Armory House? 


Armory House Step by Step

Signing of contract:  Once the Armory House office has received the signed contract, application and payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address used to apply. The confirmation email includes a copy of the contract, welcome letter, financial aid addendum, and a list of suggested items to bring.  Payment information such as the date due, amount due, and terms can be found on the contract.

Summer communication:  Throughout the summer, your student should receive communications from the Armory House office.  The first email should arrive in mid June and will include payment information.  The second email will contain information about their room assignment, new mailing address and contact information for their new roommate/ suitemate and should arrive in mid-July.    

Move in:  Official move in day is the Thursday before classes begin, but Armory House also allows residents to move in up to 4 days early for an additional fee.

Throughout the year:  Armory House will communicate mainly via email throughout the course of the school year.  We will alert you of updates to policies and procedures, special events such as Mom’s and Dad’s Weekends, resident activities, and information about move out.  You are always welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.  

Move out: Towards the end of April, Armory House will provide information regarding move out cleaning requirements, charges, and how Armory House handles summer mail.  It is the responsibility of your student to notify the AH office of their summer address. Any mail that is unable to be forwarded will be returned to the sender.   

Financial Matters: 

What is required to reserve a room in Armory House?  

– In order to reserve a space within Armory House, a signed contract and $250 application fee are needed. 

What is a Financial Aid addendum?

– The Financial Aid addendum allows students who are expecting to receive financial aid to defer their payments until a later date.  Once the Financial Aid addendum has been completed, the student’s account is set up to be charged for the semester payment plan.  Payments that are typically due in July and November would now be due in September and February. 

When are payments due?

We offer three different payment plans to best suit your needs!

– Annual Plan: One time payment due on July 1st, Student receives $100 discount

– Semester Payments: Two payments due on July 1st and November 1st

– Installment option: Eight installments due on the first of each month, July 1st through February 1st. There is an additional $40 fee per installment (already included in the payment schedule on the contract).

Does Armory House accept financial aid? 

– Yes, financial aid can be used to pay housing fees at Armory House. Please keep in mind that financial aid is typically dispersed after the start of fall and spring semester, which is after the payment due date. If you are dependent upon financial aid to pay your housing fees, we highly recommend completing a Financial Aid addendum which can be found in the Forms and Documents section.

Can Financial Aid be used to pay for housing at Armory House?

– Yes. Money awarded from Financial Aid will be dispersed to the student’s personal account and it is the student’s responsibility to pay Armory House by the deadline. Students using financial aid are encouraged to sign up for the Financial Aid Addendum. The addendum allows students to defer their payments until a later date. The initial payment and processing fee must be paid at the time the contract is signed. For more information, contact the Armory House office.


Can my student bring a car to campus?   

 Yes, Armory House has parking spaces available for rent throughout the year.  Spaces range in price from $675 to $1,150 for the academic year depending on the parking lot chosen.  Both indoor and outdoor options are available. 

What is needed to reserve a parking space?

– A completed parking agreement and payment in full is required in order to reserve a space.  Armory House does not have temporary visitor parking.  At move in, your student will be assigned a space number and given a copy of the parking agreement.  Under no circumstance should your student park in any space other than their assigned space. 


What meal plans are available? 

– At Armory House, 19 meals per week offered (breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday and brunch on Sunday). Meal plans offered include 10, 14, or 19 meals per week.  In addition to dining at Armory House, students can also choose to eat at Hendrick House.

What if my student cannot make it back to Armory House for a meal? 

– Unlike many other facilities, Armory House offers the option of late plates, sack lunches and to-go containers.  Students can choose what they like from a posted menu and take their food with them, or arrange for a late plate to be picked up outside of meal time.  

My child is a vegetarian.  What vegetarian options do you provide? 

– Aside from the salad bar, your student will be able to find a variety of vegetarian options to guarantee that they stay well fed during their time at Armory House.  Our chefs provide tasty vegetarian options and at our Creation Station, your student can design their meal to best suit them.