HH Farm
Fresh Ingredients
Think Global....Eat Local

Our Taste-of-the-world cuisine menus are prepared from fresh ingredients. Here are some of our local farmers and vendors.

Blue Moon Farm



Blue Moon Farms:

Location: 10 miles north of UIUC

Product: Salad greens to 40 other vegetables, herbs and flowers'

About: Producing the most beautiful, best tasting produce possible using only organic methods. 

Website: http://bluemoonfarmurbana.com/ 

Organic Chicken


Cascade Poultry and Eggs:

Owner/operator: JoEllen Gehring

Location: Fairbury, Il. approx. 58miles from UIUC

Product: Poultry and eggs

About: We are a small family farm raising hormone & antibiotic-free and cage-free poultry and eggs.

Fair Trade Coffee


Columbia Street Roastery:

Owner/operator: Mark Herroit 

Product: Coffee & tea

Location Champaign

Website: https://csrcoffee.com/