Fr i e n d s    f r o m    A r o u n d   t h e    W o r l d…

Would you like to make friends with a student from a different country? Are you interested in learning about another culture and sharing your own? Let some of our residents tell you how living at Armory House gave them the opportunity to make life-long friendships with students from around the world and how that impacted their life . . . 


During my time at Armory House, I had the opportunity to meet many incredible people, including Simone Karras. Simone is from Australia and studied at UIUC during the fall semester of 2012. Our friendship began on Move-In Day. Like other international students, Simone needed to buy many new belongings because she was not able to bring much from home. We spent our evening shopping, gathering everything she would need. We exchanged stories, laughs, and quirky vocabulary. Lunches in the Armory House dining room allowed us to share more time together, and we quickly became close friends. Many of the memories I cherish involve craft nights, intramural sports, and late night studying at AH. Two and a half years later, Simone and I still keep in touch. She made such an impact on my life, and our friendship would not exist without Armory House.

-Delaney Cherveny, U of I Class of 2015

Having grown up in a small town in the Midwest, Armory House was the place where I first experienced real, authentic cultural diversity.  I met students from several countries within my first week at Armory House, and I became great friends with a number of them.  One of my best friends was from India and spent multiple holiday breaks with me at my family’s house.  He and I are still great friends today and visit whenever possible.  We often joke about starting a business together someday.            
It was a very fun and exciting process to learn the values and perspectives of my International friends.  I actually came to realize that I had a lot in common with many of them, and we shared more of the same goals, perspectives, and values in life than I ever would have imagined.  I feel that the cultural enrichment I experienced at Armory House has better prepared me for success in the future.  

-Dalton Shasteen, U of I Class of 2013.


Armory House is a great way to make friends with fellow UIUC students; additionally it’s a fantastic place to meet not only Americans, but also people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures.  Some of the best friends that I have, to this day, were not only fellow residents at Armory House, but also from all over the world-including Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.  

-Meghan Armstrong, U of I Class of 2015

As a student coming from a different country, I thought that it would be difficult for me to adapt to a new culture. However, Armory house helped ease my transition during my first year. Armory house provided me with a small living community, allowing me to interact and make friends with both domestic and international students. I also had great opportunities to visit three of my friends’ families living in the US. Getting to develop relationships with people, I feel like Armory house is my home away from home.

-Korawat Tanwisuth, U of I Class of 2017