The RA's are here
to assist you
Getting to know each other
at the AH
Welcome Pizza Party
the Lunar New Year
Sand Volleyball
in Washington Park
behind Armory House
Friends hanging out
at the Armory House
Welcome Picnic!
Good times
with Intramural Volleyball
Rock Climbing at the ARC
Cosmic Bowling
Another fun
Armory House event
Building friendships,
one pumpkin at a time
Playing Twister
at Armory House
Sharing cultures during
the Lunar New Year
Time to Decorate
the Cookies!!
Our residents donate
to the American Red Cross
Resident volunteering at
the local animal shelter
Residents teaming up
for a good cause
at Relay for Life
UIUC edition
Armory House
Intramural Broomball
at the Ice Arena
Gather old friends
and make new ones
while decorating
the Christmas Tree!
Celebrating the holidays
with friends
and a festive gift exchange
Craft Night
Our residents show off
their fun and creative sides
Experiencing some good
ole' fashion fun with friends!

Armory House isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s where you make your home on campus.  We offer a close-knit community where you can develop lasting friendships and grow academically and socially.  The U of I is a large university but we can help you get connected through social activities, where you can make new friends, and by introducing you to valuable resources on campus and in the community.  For example:

Academic Life: We invite U of I staff to Armory House to meet our residents in a convenient, small group setting where they can learn more about programs such as Study Abroad, resume writing, or leadership training.  In addition, we enforce Quiet Hours in the evening and provide a designated Study Lounge with a computer and work space.  

Social Life: Our Resident Advisors plan a variety of social activities each month from Open Door Night, to ice skating at the Armory, bowling at the Union, or rock climbing at the ARC to movie, game, or crafts nights at Armory House. There is always an opportunity to have fun with fellow residents and to take a break from your studies. 

Intramurals: Each year Armory House sponsors a variety of co-ed intramural teams based on the interest of our residents.  Flag football, soccer, volleyball, broomball, and softball are just a few of the favorites.  And, with Washington Park out your back door, impromptu games of Frisbee and sand volleyball can always be enjoyed.  

Volunteer Opportunities: Many of our residents like to volunteer their time in campus and community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Crisis Nursery, Relay for Life, etc.  At Armory House we support their efforts and we can help you get connected with these and other volunteer opportunities.  

The foundation of Armory House isn't built solely on the fact that it is in a prime location, or the nice lounges, or even the single suites, it's built on the people who live here and the friendships that are made.
Alex, Resident from IL - College of Aviation