Did you know that cross-cultural skills are increasingly seen as important for both U.S. and International students for their success in college as well as in their future careers?

A new study by researchers at Duke University shows that close peer interaction between International and domestic (U.S.) students and the development of international friendships:

  • “Had substantial, uniformly positive effects on all college outcome variables (ie: general education, personal development, science and technology, intellectual development).”
  • “Serves as a valuable source of social, cultural, political, and economic knowledge when students enter the workforce.”
  • “Can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace in an increasingly interconnected, globalized world.”

Armory House offers you opportunities to develop cross-cultural skills as you make Friends From Around the World through:

  • Social Activities that help you get you connected and encourage the formation of a close-knit community
  • Sharing of Cultural Experiences (music, food, sports, crafts, attending cultural events)
  • Cross-cultural Workshops that are educational and fun and help to increase your skills in building multicultural relationships
  • Language Tables (new in Fall 2015) for informal conversation in which you can practice and develop language skills and learn about another culture

Armory House can be your Home at Illinois but it can also open the doors to New Possibilities for your Future Success!

But to really understand what a difference living at Armory House can make in your life, please take a moment and read the story of Will Guo, a former resident who now works in Finance in New York City.

willI started living at Armory House when I was a freshman and it ended up being a wonderful journey of 4.5 years until I graduated with my Masters in Business. Besides all the external advantages such as a great location, my favorite part about Armory House was the diversity and inclusiveness of the residents from the United States and around the world. What made my experience at Armory House memorable and unique were the nice staff members, from the owner to the Resident Advisors, who consistently help international residents like me to feel at home and acclimate to the University.

College is a tough transition, especially for international students, but I felt comfortable at Armory House right away. At the beginning of my freshman year the owner talked to us at the annual welcome picnic and the Resident Advisors were very patient and available to serve the residents. I made friends with several of them and we still keep in touch even now.

At Armory House I got a chance to make friends with students from the U.S. and other countries and backgrounds, and to share aspects of my culture with them. I remember working with the Chef to finalize the menu for the Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner. Speaking of food, the chefs do a great job. The Creation Station was fantastic!

Another great thing about Armory House is that international residents are allowed to stay over school breaks such as Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring break which is very convenient.
I now work for an international accounting firm in New York City, but I will always be grateful for the amazing experience I had at Armory House because the people there care about international students. As an Armory House alumni, I would highly recommend any international students to live there and experience college life.

-Will Guo, New York City